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Hands2Hope is a collection of dedicated, compassionate individuals helping their local communities.  You can become a part of these incredible endeavors by partnering with us to shine the light of hope to those around us!

Is there an age limit to volunteer

Kindness has no age limits. As such, we do not have any age restrictions for volunteers. However, if you are under eighteen (18) years of age, we will require signed consent for participation from a parent or legal guardian.

If I volunteer for one project, am I automatically committed to helping on future projects?

No. We understand that each person has their own commitments, so our volunteers commit to each project individually as their schedules permit.

Does this organization perform all necessary services needed at a home or business?

Hands2Hope has advocate volunteers aligned to service needs in the community. Some needs will be referred to local businesses who are discounting or donating their expertise or service.

Do I have to pay to be a part of this organization?

Hands2Hope operates entirely on donations, and while any financial contribution is greatly appreciated, there are no required costs associated with being a volunteer advocate.

Become a Volunteer
Whether you have a particular skillset, specialized experience, or simply want to offer your time to make an impact on your local community, you can join the incredible team of Hands2Hope volunteers today!  Take a moment to fill out the form below, and a member of our staff will be in contact with you shortly to help you share hope with those around you.
Now that you’re signed up, complete our Volunteer Waiver.

The completed waiver can be emailed to hope@hands2hope.org or brought with you to your volunteer assignment.